Year-End Eligibility

Okay. Okay okay okay. I’m just bad at updating. I accept this. I’ve kept the bibliography page current, which is a very valid something, so I’m going to take that win and run with it.

But! Now is the time for end-of-year wrap ups and eligibility listings (despite there being over a full month left in the year…). It was a relatively slow year when it comes to number of pieces published, but I feel really good about the other stuff that’s happened, including people met, connections forged and achievements unlocked. At some point, I’ll do a full recap of WorldCon/ChiCon8, which was such an amazing, fulfilling experience it requires its own post. But for now, a list of pieces that came in out in 2022:

Short Fiction:

  • “On Tattered Wings” – 3500 words, published in Death in the Mouth: Original Horror by People of Color, edited by Sloane Leong and Cassie Hart. Birds and body-horror, exploring life/death transitions and the power of wanting. (CN: terminal illness, animal and human death, reference to deadnaming)


And that’s it, unles anything major changes between now and December 31st. Thanks for checking this out and, awards and eligibility aside, I hope you enjoy reading.

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